Are You Fussing Over Your Locs?

Hello People, Last month was a good month for Locitude in the media, all thanks to Loc Appreciation Day :). A lot of loc heads have scolded me for not blogging as much as I used to considering this is where it all started. So, my mid year resolution is to keep the blog alive. :). If you are a blog reader you must know that I always like to digress before talking about the main subject matter. My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters of colour in the United States, the fight to be free seems to never stop as slavery has evolved into this ugly manifestations we see as police brutality. In Africa on the other hand, we have to deal with a different kind of slavery, mental slavery. Hope must not be lost, fight we all must, in every little way that we can till we are all free...
Ok, let's lighten up the mood and talk about what you are really here for; "Are you fussing over your locs? I have the pleasure of meeting loc heads every day at the Locitude studio and there's constant Loc envy. I get asked a variation of the same question almost every time "Ade, why can't my hair be like that?" The funny part is that the one who is being envied is envying someone else's locs, It's crazy! One with one month old locs is drooling over a 6 month old loc head, one with scanty locs is slobbering over someone with a thick head of locs and the one with a thick head of locs is salivating over someone bra length locs. The cycle doesn't stop. Phew!!!!
Here's my response to all of this, first things first - All healthy locs are beautiful locs. So I'm saying if your locs are healthy they are beautiful and if you are fussing, maybe you shouldn't because there's someone else out there wishing they are where you are. Secondly - We are all different.  Our hair grows differently, our textures are different, yes some more similar than others but you have to love what you have and work with it. Thirdly - Listen to your hair. I know I'm beginning to sound a little crazy, but just stay with me. Your hair speaks to you. You can tell when your hair is dry by running your fingers through them and you can respond by spraying some water and oils in. When your scalp is itchy, you probably need a shampoo. So listen to your hair, you are likely to achieve better hair. Lastly and ultimately. A good regime + Patience never fails. For length and achieving loc'd natural hair it is no news that patience is the most important virtue to have, whilst been patient, adopt a less is more regime, Shampoo, Condition, Oil and re-twist, or not regularly and watch your locs do their thing. I'm due to wash my locs in another 2 weeks, I will be sure to document and let you see my current regime, product list and product review.
Truth is you are not be fussing if you notice any thinning; your edges disappearing; pain whilst re-twisting, breakage or anything out of the ordinary, Ask your stylist questions, or come in for a free consultation at the Locitude studio. This post has been peppered, with pictures from the up coming Locitude Magazin, yaaaaayiiii!!!! At this point I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who's supportive of Locitude so far, you've made this all worth it. Got to go now... Your Loc Head. Ade.

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