Crotchet wig

Hi guys. I love my natural hair cyber friends, ‘cos i often get inspired by their posts to get off my lazy butt and post something 🙂

So cheers to protectiveprincess for this one.

What are the coils up to? Nothing much! Since Nov 18th…ish I have been wigging it and loving it. In line with my low manipulation goal, I steamed/pre pooed with shea moisture antibreakage mask , detangled, then washed with my terresentials mud wash. Put hair in cornrows. For the first few days, I left 2 pieces of hair out as you can see in the pics to blend with the wig, which i placed behind my hairline. However, it was a lot of stress. I tried twists, then perm rods, flexi rods, then twists + rods. It would last for that day but by night time, i better redo or it wouldn’t blend in the morning. I continued to water only wash or cowash cornrows every 2 days or so, then oiled (Camille rose coco nibs or coconut oil) and sealed with my cream styler (CRN aloe whipped or coconut water style setter or SM curl enhancing smoothie). For me product didn’t really matter, just wanted to keep up with wetting. Anyhow, after one such wash, i twisted the leave out but actually left it in till the next morning and noticed that the wig still looked blended. Mind = blown! and life was made easier.

love the density. forgive my weird facial expression

love the density. wasn’t crazy for my conservative job

just to highlight how much leave out there was

all blended

Today was wash day again, this time pre pooed overnight with coconut oil and anti breakage mask, finger detangled for an hour, rinsed and then washed with my own clay mask mix (sodium bentonite, aloe vera, essential oils). Left mask on for 20mins ‘cos of the oils from pre pooing. Applied coco nibs and then sealed with SM curl enhancing smoothie and put hair in 2 french braids. Hopefully i can still wet scalp that way (was too lazy to corn row). My low mani periods will be a good time to use up the smoothie and save my CRN products. With my low mani and wetting routine, I hope to experience growth and length retention like protectiveprincess just vlogged about here. Just have to be careful with the detangling part (still oscillate between finger onlyand comb, can you believe it?) Will keep you posted.

no frills french braids

no frills or neat part

no leave out and still rocks

wig link


Crotchet wig info! You can find her on etsy. The wig was $40!!! will purchase again

I am traveling to Nigeria Dec 9 and unlike other people who go home and get braided, I am not trusting my hair strands or edges or scalp to any African braiders (multiple bad experiences). So my plan is to actually crotchet those havana twists (myself) before going. Hopefully that should last me the 3 weeks I am there. Since my hair will be in corn rows and the extensions are twisted not loose; then I should have no issues with continuing to frequently rewet hair as much as I want. So excited for stress free travel hair plans (knock on wood). That’s all, have a good week!


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