Extra long wash day

This post is from wash Day some time between Aug 16 and 19 lol

Oh my gosh i am so exhausted. Washing hair can be tedious sometimes. Its been about 2 weeks and some days since my last wash so i decided to give the coils some extra love. I can’t imagine if this was my weekly regimen…i would quit lol.

Prepoo and detangling

Spritzed the diy mix on hair that had been in an unruly puff for last 2 days. Then applied gobs of coconut oil and began finger detangling. Started with raking, felt i was losing strands, switched to a mix of fingerpulling and separating like a harp. This took 1.45 hrs. Much longer than when i am using a conditioner type product instead of the oil.

Cleanse: shower 1. Tgin shampoo was used.

Protein treatment: motivated by hair lost during detangling, pulled out the big dog aphogee 2 step instead of my usual keratin 2 min reconstructor. Sat under dryer for 20 to 30mins. Felt dizzy so had to take a break and eat brunch. Then shower 2 for the rinse off.

Deep condition: oh my gosh this was so heavenly, i took a pic for this step🙂. Used shea moisture 10 in 1 superfruit complex masque, mixed with about a tbsp of molasses and some olive oil. Sat under steamer for 12 to 15 mins. This mix left my hair feeling all kinds of special and i have marked it for the future.

Moisturize: well jumped back in for shower 3 (see why i am exhausted?) to rinse off deep conditioner with hair held with clips in 6 sections. Next i applied my leave in; camille rose naturals cocunut leave in. I have discovered that the secret to a great leave in for me is adding aloe vera juice to whatever leave in i am using. This was no exception. Put hair back in the clips and waited about 30mins for hair to dry to damp, then applied avocado oil and camille rose naturals almond jai twisting butter.

Style: loose twists


Culled from https://livingcoily.wordpress.com/2016/09/27/extra-long-wash-day/