February 22 wash

I have not felt like blogging, forgive me. Still don’t feel like it so this might not be as wordy.

JAN 26 – shampooed, DCed and then installed some crotchet twists for 22 days. Took 2hrs 15mins from cornrowing till installation, such an easy style.They were bomb, but it was hard to keep up with GHEing and weekly washes. I only washed once in the 3 wks and because of how loosely the hair is twisted it was frizz central. I will visit this style sometime in the unknown future and with the skinnier twists to allow more flexibility in keeping up with my routine, since there should be less frizz. I really need to focus on styles that allow me weekly treatment sessions. You will see the amount of hair i lost during my take down.

love the ends of this hair
love the ends of this hair

FEB 17 – Took down twists. Shampooed with kinky curly come clean mixed with clay, DC with aphogee curlific texture treatment. Applied CRN almond jai and put hair in chunky twists. Ordered some new wigs. A straight one from china. A curly closure to help make a wig with my hergivenhair clip ins, and a crotchet wig from crochetwigs by nicole on etsy.

This is what I am hoping curlific helps….stretchy ends

after treatment.

FEB 22– sort of an early wash. Prepooed for an hour with aphogee curlific texture treatment. Shampooed with comeclean/clay mix. Applied leave in (knot today with aloe vera juice). Allowed to dry in 8 twists till damp and then used bronners brothers foam wrap to set in medium twists and applied perm rods. The plan is a twist and curl. I was inspired by Missmusical. Apparently Type 4s have been holding out a styling secret form me i.e. foam wrap can be really beneficial to set twist outs, braid outs, twist and curl etc. I really wanted to try the nairobi or taliah wajid brand, but too lazy to drive to beauty supply. so I got bronners bros from the grocery store walking distance to my house. I will unravel the twists tomorrow morning before work. Surely it would have dried by then. With my hair I have no expectations, so I have my faux puff to rescue me tomorrow if need be.

20160223_102739.jpgHair above was after twist take down wash session. Below is hair lost from feb 22 wash after 2 curlific treatments now.

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