Hair How To: Chunky Loc Twists

Howdy People,
Here's a quick and easy Loc do that I thought to share while trying out vloging again. I think this video is less shy than the last one I did. I honestly have been too lazy to try video editing, so yes, I did this in one take and I'm proud :D
I forgot to mention in the video that Kemi Lewis of KL'sNatural inspired this hair style. She came by the Locitude Studio in fabulous Chunky Twists made from Marley hair using the Crotchet method. I decided to try it out with my own hair and I totally loved the results.
Rocked the Chunky Loc Twists for about a whole week. Finding the perfect angle for the perfect selfie isn't always easy so I fooled around with my camera for a bit and I the pictures below are probably my best of about 15 X_X.
Chunky Loc Twists
Chunky Loc Twists and the Eye.
Chunky Loc Twists.
I'm tempted to write some more, but I guess that will just be repeating what I said in the video. This is it fellas, tell me if you like my Chunky Twists, don't tell me if you don't and if you try it don't forget to tag me. Till later, Your Loc Head, Ade.

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