Hair update aug 22 -sept 20

Hi everyone. WordPress notified me that I have some new readers, thank you guys for following my journey.

It truly is a journey cos just when I feel I have a regimen and can work on consistency something switches. So, i have been trying to find the balance between two major things that I believe will help my hair thrive:

1) leaving my hair alone/ protective styling/ low manipulation. Why? My strands are fine and fragile, just running my hair under water, no hands, no rubbing, will yield at least one to a few strands on the shower floor.

2) hydration and moisturization. This is what i believe will help my strands and ends especially.

So from my last post Aug 9 till now, i have played with loose twists. So sit back and try not to be bored as I catch you up with multiple posts🙂

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