Length Check 2016

Did my Locs grow? Hmmmmm....
It's been a whole year since my last length check and my regime I think has changed a little. I have been sticking more to the "Less is More" principle and I'm generally happier about the state of my locs. They are cleaner and feel much lighter even though they are longer. I'll save my current regime for another post entirely.
Picture on the left is from Feb. 2015 and the one on the right is me currently Feb. 2016. My longest loc is shy of the 13" mark, however now that I think of it my length check tee may not be the most accurate way of telling if my hair grew or not as those folds around my sides may be changing the results. Ha Ha!!!
My personal verdict is that my hair grew about 1 -2 inches at the very least, I notice the growth more around the sides, the taper on the left side of the pictures obviously changed a little. Phew!!! For the entire year I actually felt like my hair didn't grow at all, so I am revealed. :)
I'm sure you can note that mt locs are a lot darker than last year, Yes I dyed them using local Henna from Abuja, Nigeria. That of course is story for another day. Just thought to drop a quick note on this before Feburary ends.
Do you think my locs grew?
Your Loc Head,

Original post culled from http://locitude.blogspot.com/2016/02/length-check-2016.html