Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos 2016 In Pictures

A big thank you to everyone who showed up to this year’s Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos 2016. It was lit with good people and good conversation. Many thanks to all our partners for helping make our day more colourful; Kinky Apothecary for the awesome gift packs, Battabox for our Green carpet moments, Liquid Hub for helping us create the perfect ambience, Eric and Anna for the awesome dresses Isabella Akinseye (our host) and I wore and Special me organics and Dr. Toyin Oshinowo for joining our panel discussion. The feedback has been awesome and ideas for 2017 have started rolling in. I bore you no more with talk talk… enjoy the pictures from the day, some videos will be released soon.
Thank you all so so much. Yoir Loc Head, Ade.

Original post culled from http://locitude.blogspot.com/2016/07/loc-appreciation-day-lagos-2016-in.html