Loc Appreciation Day Lagos, 2016 – Save the Date – 25th June 2016

Hello Everyone,
I know it’s been a minute! More like a few months... but this silence has been worth it. I have spent time growing a business and understanding entrepreneurship. I’m not there yet, there’s still so much to learn. I have been so busy working at the Locitude studio, either making other people with locs happy or procrastinating about how much more stuff I can do to make them happy. I’ve been in this circle for a while now that I almost forgot that Loc Appreciation Day is around the corner.
This year is going to be a lot of fun as usual. All anyone needs to make a party rock is 2 or more loc heads. Now imagine 50, 100 or maybe 200 in the same space appreciating one thing in common…. It’s going to be one hell of a party and again I’m glad to host. We (team locitude) have decided to switch things up a bit this year, bring some “new” to the table and also keep it simple as we all know as economy take be now.
We have gone back to the drawing board and looked at previous Loc Appreciation Day Events and this year we have one mission only and that is to celebrate the Nigerian-ness of our hair especially in these times where we are all looking to be and buy Nigerian.
What to Expect...
- The Made in Nigeria panel discussion
- Green carpet moments with Battabox
- Free cocktails for the first 20 guests
- Free scalp massage from experienced Tricologist
- Free and quick styling sessions
- Networking
- Giveaways from Kinky Apothecary
- Locitude Magazine – Made in Nigeria issue
- Much more and definitely a great party!!!
I’m excited already, dusting off my party shoes and finding the Isale Eko party girl in me (she’s never far away). Let’s celebrate Loc Appreciation Day, 2016!!!!!!
It’s going down at Liquid Hub, 2 Olawalw Daodu Street, Off Kingsway Road, Ikoyi. Time: 4pm ptompt and everyone is invited.
Share the word and see you there!!! Your Loc Head Ade.

Original post culled from http://locitude.blogspot.com/2016/06/loc-appreciation-day-2016-save-date.html