Locitude Loc Jewelry. Ver 1.0

Hi people,
I told you November is going to be a month to remember, I wasn't joking, I wasn't joking at all :). Before I introduce you to Version 1.0 of our locally made Loc Jewelry permit me to say a big thank you for the warm response and feedback that our Locitude Signature Oils have received. All the positivity has been very encouraging and heart warming.
Collaboration is an awesome thing as it brings ideas to reality; networking is something that happens  so constantly at the Locitude Studio that I am learning not to take it for granted. So I met Ronke, a Gold Smith of Ion Jewelry Designs School who recently started her locs and we got talking about the possibility of producing our own Proudly Nigerian Loc Jewelry. Here's version "1.0" of our discussion in pictures.
Loc Jewelry by Locitude - Fine Silver (999)
Loc Jewelry by Locitude - Copper
We have such big plans for the variations of this product to come that I've almost killed Ronke with emails, confirming and reconfirming our options and trolling her private messages on social media. I am trying very hard not to spill the beans. So here's what you need to know right now,
1. Loc Jewelry Ver. 1.0 by Locitude is available in 4mm - 8mm.
2. Comes in 2 main shades of Copper and Fine Silver.
3. You can currently purchase them at the Locitude Studio where we will fit them for you.
4. You can also purchase via what's app - 08189001122
5. or Online via social media, send us a Direct message on Instagram, twitter or facebook. All our handles are @locitude.
I'll be working on reviving our website to make purchases and design picks easier for Version 2.0. In the meantime I just had to put this out here and I remain super excited at the future ventures to come.
On a quick note, if you are reading this before the 11th of Novemember, 2016 remember you can still be the lucky person to get the Locitude Minty Burst Giveaway, all you have to do is read the previous post and follow the instructions therein.
Gat to go now.
I remain your loyal Loc Head.

Original post culled from http://locitude.blogspot.com/2016/11/locitude-loc-jewelry-ver-10.html