Locitude Signature Oils.

Hello People,
I am excited and very few things excite me in this time of recession. They say "Every cloud has a silver lining" so I have been trying my best to remain motivated as getting behind this cloud of recession is not easy at all. I must say the recession has personally forced me to look inwards, sleep has been far just like the days when I practiced Architecture. I have so passionately written about the American made Hair Hope Growth Oil on this blog but when we saw the dollar rate climb from $160 to $450 against the Naira I decided to give myself brain.
After months of pressuring my brain, trail and error, failed tests and growth process I have come up with 2 formulars that I am very proud of. Locitude is now a formulator of its own signature oils :). Before I deviate further to give you the details of the merry go round I have done to get to this point let me introduce you to the newest members of our enterprise.
1. Locitude Minty Burst - *Customers favourite*
Minty Burst
The Minty Burst is a blend of Coconut, Peppermint, Tea-tree and Rosemary Oils. The mix was created with the scalp in mind, geared towards stimulating the scalp thereby enhancing hair growth. It also soothes the scalp, reliefs dry and itchiness and helps eliminate dandruff.  We have been testing this product since June of 2016 and the feedback has been awesome.
I must add that if you are into exercising, here's a quick tip for you. Minty burst is awesome for refreshing the scalp after a run or sweaty work out. Air/blow dry your hair on cool setting, apply Minty Burst to your scalp and you will instantly feel refreshed. The minty-ness of our mix also helps eliminate any smells in your hair from sweat.
2. Locitude Conditioning Mix.
The Conditioning Mix is a blend of Coconut, Castor, Argan and Eucalyptus Oils. This was formulated with the hair shaft in mind. The blends helps to condition the hair by softening. It also helps with moisture retention and it stops breakage, Did you hear that, it STOPS BREAKAGE.
*Locitude Oils can be used on all hair types*
It has taken about 10 months of trail and error, sourcing fresh mint leaves, drying them and mixing them, rotten them, getting sad and then motivated to start all over again till we got here. Now we can say the recession has made us stronger.
Here's a big thank to you all who have purchased this product and all our Locitude clients who have allowed us to test it on them. You guys are the real silver lining.
Now from the bottom of my belle I would like to give away one 100ml bottle of the Locitude Minty Burst to one lucky person. All you have to do is email me at info@TheLocitude,com indicating your interest in wining the price and I will reply you with a dedicated number. A random number will be selected at 11:11am, on the 11th of November, 2016. Best of luck.
I don talk plenty, so it's time to go now....  #Happy
Your Loc Head,

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