Locs And Exercise.

Hey peeps, #FitFam #Fitness #WeightLoss #TeamFit are all familiar tags in our social media feed these days and on top of this Kanye West had to release that video with Teyana Taylor's body looking like fire!!! The woman had a baby less than a year before the video was shot. Now, look at me, single and never given birth, I'm one of those asking why can't that be me. Four months ago, July to be precise I was encouraged to start working out, not because I was consciously unsatisfied with my body but because 85kg on the scale is a little worrying and looking sexier never hurt anybody. To add to this I had a new year resolution in 2015 to loose 15kg before the end of that year. Unfortunately I started the year and ended it at 85kg. On the bright side, at least I didn't add weight. In 2016, I have made progress. I got on a scale 2 days ago and it said 71kg. I can't believe it, I swear. I plan on rechecking on another scale, no way I lost 14kg in four months on my very convenient routine. I'm so sorry I am beginning to obsess about weight loss talk when the purpose of this post is how exercising has/is affecting my locs. Let me get right into that. 1. Sweat and Styling....  Errrr... Not working for me. A good work out equals a good amount of sweat, especially on the scalp. I air my locs after every work out and the process is less complicated without a style, hence I have avoided styling these past 4 months. 2. Routine maintenance. Before my #teamfitfam days I washed my locs once a month, as you would imagine once a month can't cut it for me any longer since I sweat (major dripping sweat) at least three times a week. So I have bumped up my maintenance routine to once in 2 weeks. 3. Re-twisting. I am a big fan of the rough look (i.e washing my locs without re-twisting them). Of recent this hasn't worked for me. As I noted in my To FreeForm or not post, my scalp feels like it's not getting enough air when the roots are undone for too long. With exercising, I need air. So I have found myself re-twisting more often; once every 2 weeks a very light twist though, so I don't thin out my locs. 4. What to do with my Locs during exercise. I leave my locs out in a ponytail when I run, dance or do cardio and wrap them up when I do floor exercises to make sure I don't turn them to a mop. Locs pick up all sorts of things so don't give them a chance to. 5. Air is Everything. Letting my locs breathe has been liberating in this weight loss journey. If I feel them getting funky before my wash days, I air them and oil my scalp with the Locitude Minty Burst. This is about all I can think of at the moment, If you have any personal observations, comments or questions. feel free drop a word below. Let me give you small more exercise gist before I sign off. After failing (personal trainer, egg, apple & oat diet and starvation) at weight loss in 2015, I decided that this time I will only do things I enjoy doing, hoping what ever results I achieve will last. Here's my routine in order of preference. 1. Salsa Dancing (check out Buddy's classes) 2. Aerobics in front of my TV using Leslie Sansone's videos. 3. Running on Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge. - The gist about this bridge is not for this blog. Hehehehe. I try to make sure I get a good workout at least 3 times a week, I just do whichever I am in the mood for. Sometimes I am able to squeeze in 6 days of sweat a week. If this 14kg loss is true, we can't stop now. Here's a #fitfam selfie :).
I have talked for Africa, let me go and do hair, recession is biting, but we are biting right back. ;). Your Loc Head, Ade.

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