Locs, The Nigerian Perspective – Interview With Ebuka on Rubbin Minds

Hello people, Happy Eid Mubarak! The buzz around Loc Appreciation Day this year has been good and the response reassuring and I am more than grateful for the positive feedback on the event and the attention in the press. In this interview which aired live on Channels TV on Sunday the 26th of June, 2016, I had the opportunity of explaining what my locs mean to me and how I believe they should be perceived. Enjoy watching and I sincerely hope I represented us loc heads well. :). The interview is in two parts.
On a lighter note, I didn't mean to blend into the back ground, that just kinda happened. The memo said not to wear grey, I thought yellow will pop against grey, then look what hapened, can you imagine? Let me know how I did. Your Loc Head, Ade.

Original post culled from http://locitude.blogspot.com/2016/07/locs-nigerian-perspective-interview.html