March Awesomeness!!!!!

Hey my people, I'm really excited today as I have new inspiration for my baby project (I really can't wait for elections to be over) Locitude, which turns 1 year this month. It's kinda unbelievable that it's been almost a year already. I'm not saying much in this post; all I'll be doing is posting feedback from two of Locitude Studio customers which were posted on Facebook  and Instagram respectively and it just makes me feel AWESOME!
@Ogonaturals said this on IG.

My actual first attempt in colouring my locs with the @sheamoisture4u Shea Moisture ammonia etc free hair color. Will try a touch up in weeks to hopefully get the deep Auburn.
Really interesting as @locitude gave me a new feel of loc experience today, quite practical, knowledgeable and a great listener. It is really interesting and always peaceful to work with one who understands you and your language. @locitude it was really great finding you today.....
My chemical free journey is on, one step at a time.

Nk'iru. Njoku said this on FB on 11th of March, 2015
"I save my awe-struck raving for when I have time to settle down and famz properly. I'm not a half-measures chick. I go the whole nine yards. And in doing so tonight, let me tell you dred-heads about a girl called Ade Balogun.
Listen, go and meet her to style your locs. Seriously. Not only is she a super loc-stylist, she KNOWS about caring for locs and other natural styles. She is concerned about your hair. She doesn't want to twist your locs till your scalp bleeds. She's not just about the aesthetics of a nicely done head of locs. Nope. She will show you the road to healthier hair.
And she does all of this for a very affordable fee. I was quite taken aback by her prices. Seriously. The people I have allowed the privilege to style my hair in the past who have made me bleed and charged me an arm and a leg for my own blood, waka-shege. I love making my hair and all those other times were as a result of emergencies but never again. When I have an emergency must-style-my-hair-by-the-hand-of-another moment, it is Ade that I shall run to.
Thank you Ade, thank you Bassey for the hook up.
Before I go, ehen, let's talk about faux locs for another minute. So, locs are now a fad ehn? You, you, and you, that used to say only irresponsible people wore the look, you are now using your money to buy irresponsibility. See, it's not that deep, but human beings are very funny. Oya swallow your words with apple-juice. See ya mouf.
Good night! My two 'stories' shall come tomorrow - I really must tell those. But now, must meet deadline.
Peace, love, and all the other nice stuff.
So there there, I'm sure you understand how awesome "Locitude" and I feel...... Stay tuned for my Loc and Exercise post coming later today.... My locs are in distress but I'm still rocking them with an attitude. Xoxo, till later, Your Loc Head, Ade,

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