Wash day Sept 16

Don’t you just love when you are dreading a wash day and then you end up pleasantly surprised???? It’s like such a gift. So from my previous post, you saw I rocked loose twists and a twist out for almost a month and I even washed my hair in between. Many naturals don’t like doing this, because wetting their hair in protective styles worsens matting and tangles. However, you know my hair mantra is now PHM (Protection aka low manipulation, Hydration, Moisture).

So on a thursday, I used my fingers to separate the twist outs as much as I could, removing any shed hair that easily came off on its own (less than 10mins). Placed hair in 4 sections, got in the shower and cowashed each section with my bae; eden body works cleansing cowash. I gripped each section at the ends and then rubbed scalp gently, then used praying hands method to massage the cowash down the hair shaft and while rinsing. I knew my hair was not detangled from a 3.5 week protective style so I couldn’t be all willy nilly raking or careless. My goal with the cowash; was to remove some of the product build up from the 3.5 weeks to prepare my hair to accept my protein treatment pre poo. This is because I had doubts about the way I was previously using the protein as a pre poo for a short amount of time and with no cleansing before hand. After cowashing (roughly 10 mins), I applied my protein; aphogee curlific, covered with shower cap, scarf and went to bed.

The next day was friday. I was officially battle ready for my wash day. I spritzed my hair with the diy detangling spritz per usual, and then began finger detangling each section. In areas where I felt I didn’t have enough slip, I would add aphogee 2 minute reconstructor because my aphogee curlific finished the previous day. Man, it was such a breeze! It was literally one of, if not the best detangling session of my life. It took 50 minutes which is no joke if you saw my pics from the previous post. When I got to the end, I had to test one section with a wide tooth comb just to make sure I wasn’t delusional. Yep, it combed through. Was it all the oiling, moisturizing the weeks before? Was it the initial cowash? Was it the overnight protein prepoo? Dunno, but I will be doing the same thing next time except I will try using the aphogee 2 minute reconstructor overnight instead of the curlific; because it seemed to have more slip, is keratin based and listed higher in the ingredient list. However, I will still repurchase the curlific, as I also like it. I also like my steps because I worry a little about some of the ingredients in aphogee products (cones, parabens, mineral oil, other chemicals) and getting to use a shampoo afterwards makes me feel psychologically better. Maybe I will try revisiting healthier protein brands like millcreek, etc.

After detangling, shampooed with a newbie; camille rose naturals ginger shampoo, which is a keeper. I like all my cleansers (tgin, kinky curly come clean, camille rose, clay) and I think it’s because of all the moisturizing and hydration I do to my hair. None of them feel stripping. Next I deep conditioned with shea moisture 10 in 1 superfuit masque for 15 mins under the steamer. I had to go visit a friend, so I applied oil (camille rose naturals cocoa nibs), then CRN coconut water leave in, and put hair in 6 chunky twists. When I got back, hair had almost dried so I dampened by spritzing aloe vera juice, then applied CRN coconut water stylesetter and styled hair in curlformers.

pin curl to bed
pin curl to bed
after pin curling
after pin curling
after pin curling
after pin curling

When I do curlformers, I sit under the dryer. This time i sat for 2hrs and then I rocked the style all weekend. When I want to put in effort to maintain the curls, I pin curl them at night. Weekends are perfect for my curlformer sets since I rarely exercise on weekends (truth be told I haven’t exercised regularly in 2 weeks, but I will get back in the game😉 soon). On Monday (sept 19), I installed some medium to large loose twists that I styled in an updo. These set of twists will only last 2 weeks cos it’s my hubby’s bday weekend Sept 30-Oct2, and I plan to rock an out style; either twist outs or curlformers. I haven’t decided if my wash day will be pre bday weekend or post because what if we end up in a smoke-filled bar or something??? Decisions decisions. Stay tuned🙂

So, if my vision works out, my regimen for 1 month or roughly 28 days should look something like this: wear twists or any protective style for 21 days. Then 7 days for an out style if i want. Towards the end of those 7 days, have my big wash day which includes protein treatment, detangling, and rock a stretched style like curlformers which lets me enjoy my hair but yet stretches hair for next set of twists. I would like to wash and condition my hair each week, but if I can’t do this without causing excessive frizz, problems, I may settle for just a wash/a water rinse/clay rinse since clay has conditioning properties/apple cider vinegar rinse etc, but I must NEVER go more than 2 weeks without wetting my hair….yeah spritzing is not enough. Spritzing is part of moisturizing and not hydration. Wish me luck!

Culled from https://livingcoily.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/wash-day-sept-16/