April 28, 2016
It’s amazing how I have managed to garner a reputation for always being angry in certain social circles. Particularly on Radar, I have been referred to as a terrorist, someone who prides in mindlessly bullshitting (or attacking) other people’s ideas, amongst other things. I have in not so many words been blamed for some people abstaining from sharing their thoughts or products for fear of being judged. Some have even gone as far as looking forward to the failure of things I lay my hands on just so they can have a good laugh – I know this because this sentiment has been expressed to people who happen to be friends of mine.Wow.

Sometime in 2009, I wrote a casual blog post titled Celebrating Mediocrity which basically expressed my disgust with the low ambitions of most web services created by Nigerians. This sentiment hasn’t changed much. What has become even stronger is how much people are willing to defend their shitty products or weird processes online, sometimes questioning the intelligence of the same people who are supposed to be consumers of their offerings. This post is not an attack on anyone in particular but I will be giving a couple of very specific instances.

Sometime in December of 2014, my friend and colleague at the time posted a tweet complaining about the fact that Konga keeps sending her emails she can’t unsubscribe from. Now, unless you absolutely love spam, we must have all tried unsubscribing at some point. I know I did, back in 2012 – I’m not sure I was even a registered user at a time, but I got mails from them anyway. The first time I tried to, the unsubscribe functionality was broken and threw errors instead. I tried again a few months after

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