Episode Again & Bored

September 26, 2015I’m here watching outlander. I just finished eating pasta, and drank a bit of the Coke Zero I have been taking a sip on every once in a while the past 12 hours. It’s still cold because I have been re-refrigerating it all day. I am also currently smoking a cigarette – my second this session.

Perhaps I should just write my stoned stories without trying to correct my spelling. It is tedious and often tim..I don’t know whether to write time consuming here or realize that just repeats tedious. Whatever, like the phenomenon where something eventually applies the minute you start thinking of it, that just occurred while writing this paragraph so I guess what I am trying to say is, just go with the flow. Don’t correct. Wrong? Write? Sorry, Right? Am I asking myself a question here? Am I talking to myself? Do I have two personalities? I read this just a moment ago – http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2413 (Relevant xkcd http://xkcd.com/1582/)

I should get back to what I’m watching.

And I didn’t. I just wrote a post on the fact that I will begin posting these thoughts to browndroppings.co so obviously, I just did.. wait, this will be my first – after the introduction I just wrote, In case that went over your dwarf head.

Why are my feet getting wet under this duvet?

I just tried closing my eyes while watching and instantly realized I needed the visuals were probably more important than the audio. Right now though, I think I will just try to put my imagination to use. I have seen several episodes of this already that I should be able to extend the set in my head. Giving it a go.

Well, I slept.

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