Episode First, and stoned introduction

September 25, 2015So I have decided to try my hands at something new in an effort to end up writing more often. For some reason, I don’t when in fact I really know I should.

I have been writing random stories when stoned in Evernote as a way to amuse myself later with them. I just realised during one of the aforementioned sessions (which is write now by the way) that I could simply post all I have written when I become sober. That way, I post more often and maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.

There may be some typos like the write above. DOn’t wory, I amlost always realise the moment I do, but of course laziness. Almost 🙂

Yo, that’s about that. Back to writin g the real thing.

EDIT: I forgot to add. Each stoned story will begin with “Episoe”, followed by the title.

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