That night on Santana Row

February 6, 2016


So I had been home for at least 7 days straight now, besides going out for the obligatory Tuesday evening dinner. Now this can be considered awesome. Working from home with only three destinations to really be bothered about – the bed, the desk, and the kitchen. Okay, maybe occasional trips to the bathroom. However, things can get a little awry quickly. Like running mad from all the monotony. It doesn’t help matters that I live in a secluded part of town.A couple of weeks back, while in a little conversation with the lady driving the uber I was in, I asked about what fun stuff to do in town and she mentioned this outdoor mall in San Jose with a number of bars and outdoor happenings in the evenings. This sounded great. Afterall, It’s high time I started making friends around here. Ope and I decided to head there last night. The plan was simple – relax, have fun, and knock ourselves out. Below is a story of how we did exactly that.Early spoiler: I danced.Wait what? I danced? I’m surprised myself. When we got off the uber, we took random strolls, walked past a little open air performance, continued a conversation we had earlier on social mobility and what not, and then wandered into the first bar we saw. A long island and a mai tai after, we decided to go somewhere else. The night was still young and we would be doing ourselves a disservice letting that place form our definition of the Row. The kind uber driver who told us of this place mentioned somewhere called Vbar and encouraged us to try it out. She must have had fun times in her youth, and I’m thankful for that. We inched towards Hotel

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