Day 21: Shade

I promised myself that 2016 will be the year of no drama. Lool. When I said that, I forgot that there are demons here on earth, and not everyone will have sense…… and they will tempt you. Msheew.

Pardon my (lack of) manners. Hehe. My name is Shade and as I was about to start writing this, I gave a conductor N1000 for a N150 fare. Please, it’s not my fault I don’t have change. The conductor actually tapped me and said “Eyys, my friend look here……”

See, it took God and my extra superwoman strength not to lash out at him. I’m a changed woman, you see. The old me would have thoroughly insulted him down to the ancestral spirits that live in his village. But I thank God for Jesus. Amen somebody.

This is how I begin my 2016. Become a more patient person in terms of speech. Serve God more. Be closer to God. Take my self out more. Speaking of which, I went to see a movie a few days ago and they said movie ticket was N1500 *tears* don’t blame me. I haven’t paid for a movie with my money in ages and when I did that yesterday, ‘virtue left me’. But I will not back down. I deserve it! *bites lower lip and cries silently*

I intend to open one more business this year. At least have a space, an office. It has been my dream in forever and it’s going to come through this year. Amen.

Writing this, I’m thinking about all the things I want to achieve and I know I don’t have shigbain, but I absolutely trust that God will come through for me.

I want to take some more trainings this year. The first one I looked at and got really excited, until I peeped the address – ‘Orile Agege’ Ehn? Wait fess. *major side eye to all those who say Festac is far* I think that will have to wait, let me try the other training from YouTube. I kent shout.

I want to do at least 3 trainings this year – The dream is to own a conglomerate and have at least 30 staff by the time I’m 40. And 40 is in less than 7 years *stop trying to guess my age* :p

I should go back to my old choir, or the choir in my new church, or the acting department or photography department. Just do something for God. I’ve been a mere Sunday Sunday meresin for too long. Not good. More than 2 people have asked me “What have you done with your gift?” in the past one week and it strikes a chord each time *sigh*

This year, I’m walking back and walking forward. Big dreams, totally dependent on God and knowing He won’t let me down.


Amen o. Please sha invite us for the 34th birthday bash. Aunty, gimme cake.

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