Oh, Takara, Takara, You Belmont You

About six years ago, I woke up to possibly the world’s itchiest scalp. My hair felt and looked dry and totally lifeless. Yes, I know hair is just a collection of dead cells but that day, it looked like something that was dragged through a grave yard. I had three choices — go to Kilburn, Deptford or Peckham and have an Afro Caribbean hair stylist do their thing usually involving one of these basic steamer/dryers. Well, none of the obvious salons was close to my apartment and on that lazy morning, I wasn’t keen on doing anything more than a 15 minute journey to get my hair done. So, I walked curiously down Edgware Road looking for a salon that would take on the challenge of making my hair less cross with me.

I can’t remember the name of the salon I eventually picked but I do remember it was favoured by Arabs that lived nearby and my logic was, their hair’s probably thicker and courser than European hair and if their stylist can handle theirs, mine shouldn’t be such a chore. So, I walked in, told them about my issue and it was there that I had my introduction to the mother of all hair steamers. After my hair was steamed, the stylist gave me a trim and blow dry and for days, I had such movement in my hair, my hair felt light, bounced, shone (grease free!) and danced with the wind. My hair was so moisturised, it looked so luxurious and since that day, I have been trying to tell myself how ridiculous it would be to buy one of these for my apartment.

Here’s Spa Mist II

And the mother:

I’ve been to two salons in Lagos that have the micro mist of which, neither of them know how to use it. I was very disappointed with the results I got and one salon in particular actually served my hair a major set back during my Micro Mist appointment. I was truly baffled by the total ignorance of the members of staff at that salon and I will never go back there again.

Anyway, check out Nadege’s salon experience which eventually led to her purchase. Is $2,000 too much to spend on a hair tool? If time has not made me forget my first experience with the Takara Belmont Micro Mist, surely The Beauty Brains will?

In the meantime, I’m going to make do with the Huetiful Hair Steamer as I continue to go through the process of talking myself out of purchasing a tool that’s larger than my apartment.

P.S, has anyone else used the Cordless Thermal Hair Therapy Wrap? How do you not burn the gel and flannel like I have?

Peace, Love & Steamy Goodness

This post was originally published on the 30th of August 2013 here