Introducing……..The artist Bemyoda

I say it time and time again……… there is talent in this country.  You just have to stand still and focus past the chaos that is Nigeria.  In recent years we have seen an explosion of talent on the music scene…….from the pop hits from D’Banj to the eclectic sounds of Blackmagic, to the soulful croons of Bez, we are spoilt for choice.


I came across singer/songwriter Bemyoda on NdaniTV Sessions and I was blown away.  Ndani TV further described Bemyoda as follows; 

“Bemyoda is as much a creative writer as he is a beautiful singer. He does not present you music that is the norm; every line is the summary of a deeper meaning, every phrase explains a concept larger than it. His soulful sound has influences ranging from jazz and the blues to neo-soul and afro-pop, creating the eclectic mix that is Bemyoda…..”

Personally, I just love the ‘earth’ in his voice.  It has a depth that just makes you want to get lost in.  Yes I confess I am a shameless groupie!

On the 13th of June, Bemyoda released his EP Sketch for us to enjoy.  Click here to download and appreciate!!  If you luv his music like I do, feel free to drop him a line on Twitter and Facebook 🙂