Are You Really Ready for This Relationship?

I am actually not asking a question that requires an in depth answer if you are single, I am asking people who are currently in a relationship… are you really ready?
Relationships are not full of fairy tales as the movies let you believe, there is no one manual, just because you see your friends and parents in a relationship happy doesn’t mean that your own relationship is failing. A REAL relationship involves “craze”, occasional doubt, pain, anger, tears, frustration as well as the usual honesty, communication etc. It is a whirlwind of emotions that will test your sanity.
Truth is relationships do have stages and just because you leave the initial honeymoon, I-just-wanna-kiss-you- all-day phase doesn’t mean the relationship has gone to shit, it just means its time to face reality and see all the other sides you were not privy too or were not educated on before entering the relationship.
I see a lot of people entering relationships for the wrong reasons and expecting the right results. People entering to either prove to themselves they can actually be in a relationship or because of the want to not feel alone or someone is looking for a constant sexual partner and a free house maid; for whatever reason you are in a relationship there will be that stage that will come were you know you are either in love or its just a waste of time. And that’s the scary stage.
The questions now come up. What are the terms and conditions of this relationship?
-       Are you allowed to have friends of the opposite sex?
-       How much time should you spend together a week to insure he/she doesn’t get sick of you?
-       Who should apologise first after an argument?
-       What’s the code of behavior when it comes to social networking?
-       Do you still demand to go on dates?
-       Should you compromise or should they compromise?
The truth is there is no one way to address a relationship, just because something works for one couple doesn’t mean it will work for you, you have to find what works for you but then again it all has to do with the attitude to the relationship; do you care enough about this said person to try?
When you enter a relationship and you are with someone you will either encounter an insecure person who is so in love with love and the fear of losing it that they become clingy, someone who is so guarded that they don’t know how to show love and of course the ones you just flow with. The truth is the insecure and guarded ones are not ready for a relationship, they just like the idea of a relationship. Why aren’t they ready you ask? Because a relationship is filled with trust, vulnerability etc. if this said person isn’t ready to just have faith in the relationship and let their guard down with the ONE person they can be these things with- then it really is a waste of time and you just have someone you are dating and NOT a partner.
Relationships burn out so fast these days because people enter them ill prepared to deal with things like mood swings, the need for privacy, the want for space, finances, and the mistakes of the past… all these things are a part of the person you loved, they didn’t change from how they were in the beginning, they just showed you the real them. If you have insecurities and are not ready to be the leaning partner for your significant other or even lean on them then you aren’t ready. Be fully prepared and there is no manual to tell if you are ready or not, you’ll know because it will come easy, there won’t be any doubts, why? Because this person that makes it all easy… is who you are meant to be with, they were made for you- be patient. True love exists and it will find you.

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