Greetings Mortals,
I know it has been a while but thank God for my Muslim family, Mama got a holiday to rest baby! And my dear friend reminded me of the need to write, so here I am.
Yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine about a girl we both knew and talking about how crazy she seemed, like she always seemed angry. He told me how his friend told him about her, because he wanted to have coitus with her, but said she is crazy and shouldn’t go there. I laughed about this and agreed but then I thought to myself, wasn’t I once deemed as angry and crazy once? Why am I not helping this situation and defend this equally angry, mad, black woman?
You see a lot of the times a friend might tell us he is interested in a friend of ours and our reply usually is- “she is long, her story doesn’t have part 2 or my personal favourite- she has high standards”. Every time we say something like this or look at this “our friend” in that way, we aren’t looking at the full story, we seem to forget why she is a mad black woman in the first place.
I was once this person because like many others, I was hurt, I was betrayed, I was led on, I was lied to, I was made to believe I would become the one but there was another, so, without no fault of my own, I became angry that was a result of an inevitable chain reaction. I found my solace in God, but if I am truthful, I hid behind God because I didn’t want to know pain again, I was convinced that I would not find love and if I found some peace in God while on my journey to find forever after then so be it.
Don’t get me wrong, there are some genuinely crazy people out there but I always am never quick to believe that someone I know woke up and decided to become crazy, I believe she or even he once had that genuine thought of wanting to know love or be happy and then one (insert whatever tribe makes you happy here) demon came along and hurt them so bad they didn’t believe in love between man and woman. I watched ‘Maleficient’ recently and I never actually thought of the true nature of the curse the wicked fairy placed on the baby Aurora- only true love’s kiss could wake her and then she revealed she was cursed that way because there was no such thing as true love. I was blown for a bit and being someone who never experienced that until now, I also believed there was no such thing as true love but thank God cause it does exist. All that separates us, if this is what you want, is time.
A lot of the time, we see nice looking women being single even in their 30s, 40s and it is always the same thing I hear- "she thought she had time and she was being picky". Do you know if maybe she did fall in love and he never loved her quite back so she waited hoping he would, do you know if she did fall in love and he died, do you know if she got pregnant and he left her to abort the baby or have it own her own? DO you know? But no, we call them crazy, mad black women who may miss out on love because we didn’t stop to know more. Know her story, don't tell it for her. Besides, love doesn't have an expiry date, you have no right to quote or advise someone that they are getting too old for it.
Can an angry, mad black woman find love?  Yes she can and will.
If you are reading this and haven’t found love, I wouldn’t bother if I was you, why you say? Because you were put on this earth to live and live you shall, the only bonus would be that man coming along and adding to your already fruitful life filled with friends and family who love you. Don’t follow false gods in the meantime and be open to know love. I was an angry, mad black woman and at 31yrs old I am a loving, happy, fulfilled married black woman. I am not fulfilled because I have a husband, I am fulfilled because I took the time out to know and understand my place on this earth, I know why and how I tick and I got rid of baggage that was making me less than I am. A husband doesn’t complete you, you complete you. Seasons and labels change all the time- yours will too.
“Angry”, “mad” black woman, let them hear you roar and never allow anyone tell your story but you.
This has been a public service announcement.
OH P.S- the girl I told you about originally in the beginning, the guy who told the guy not to go there because she is crazy? Yea, he slept with her already and strung her along basically making her think there was more when it wasn’t and so she acted what- you said it- crazy. Know the story and never judge. It could be you someday.
Mimi a.k.a The Truth.

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