Friends Turned Lovers Turned Broken


As we stroll holding hands,
Swinging down the street
I realise my hand is lonesome
Your hand is missing 
There is no WE It is just I

How it seems so strange this breeze that touches my palms
Cause your hand was always there to produce the unwanted sweat
that kept it warm.

I’m going half crazy cause I see you there,
No over there.
I shake my head, I stare at your picture…
MY missing palm, my missing laugh
My missing smile, My missing stare.

I KNOW you are happier now 
In a better place.
I know because I see you
As you give my smile, my laugh, my stare, and my palm 

Your sweet hair 
Those thighs I rested my head upon when the world hurt me

Oh my sweet Chloe
I realised too late I loved you

It’s okay, there is still a chance to tell you
I tell you with this kiss…I just placed upon your lips
My palm is cold make it warm again
Protect it from the breeze 
Most importantly the world
I love you… I love you….
I love you



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