Friendship is Overrated – The Rant

I saw this post saying- "They are not your friends if they don't defend you in your absence"- I don't know why I saw this post and got annoyed. How do you know if they defended you?? And if they didn't is that YOUR fault or theirs? Ask these questions. People tend to forget that friends are also human. You can't always assume your friend has your back especially if you keep doing very f**ked up shit to hurt the person or others. I will not expect a friend to be a friend to me if I don't show half the respect and love shown during the worst times. I believe in a 1000 chances but not to be disrespected a 1000 times. If you're my friend in the TRUE sense of the word I will never allow something or someone else, even the man I love come in between us INSTEAD I would make all these things work together and not create a divide. I could die for my friends once but that blind fool is gone cause I've learnt to know my place now which is not always where I thought it was. I get so irritated and tired of hearing "I was betrayed". Why are you shocked?? Do you not know that best friends make the worst enemies? Stop putting all hope and faith in one soul who also has his or her demons to fight. I personally cannot say something behind my friends' back that I can't say in their fronts. I hate lying. If we make the time out to talk? I WILL tell you how it is. I can defend if I know the person's true intention but if the intention was to be stupid do I defend stupidity? No, I rather not speak and leave or arrange an intervention lol. People who sugar coat ish are NOT your friends! If I don't like a decision a friend made I will say it but still make it o.k for you to talk to me about it. I am CONSTANTLY being hurt by so called friends and I move on... You don't see me crying about it and if you ask me about that former "bestie" I won't lie about it I will tell you " we aren't friends anymore". People know me for this. Yes the "betrayal" will hurt but blame yourself because you saw the signs and you stayed. My mantra- Expect nothing so you're not disappointed. P.S- I have friends, true ones and if they hurt me I know it's two things- 1. Not intentional. 2. Intentional. It is how we get through it that determines our true friendship. Life isn't rainbow and butterflies- sooner you accept this, the better. Friendship in itself is not overrated but the expectation we put on those who are also human. Trust one but not the devil in them. We are capable of many things including deceit. This has been a public service announcement.  

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