The Shawshank Crawl – Your Route to Happiness

Greetings mortals.
I am sure some or hopefully most of you must have seen the movie “Shawshank Redemption”. It is just simply one of the best movies ever made on this planet earth… iDigress.
Basically in the movie, the lead character, Andy Dufresne, was wrongly accused of murder and locked in prison for many years. He planned his escape to pure perfection but only when he understood his life was in HIS hands and his alone but for him to complete this plan, he had to crawl through shit- literally shit, like feces to get to his freedom.
I am sure many of you can relate to this, not physically crawling through shit but figuratively. So many women and even men (I know shocking that men get their heart broken too huh?) have had to go through the worst of situations in love to finally get some peace in their lives… some sort of freedom. I know I can definitely relate.
The other night, I was up with my friend basically talking about ALL and I mean ALL the times I remembered being hurt by men- men I felt were my friends, men I out rightly dated without being friends for a while, like for some reason all the CRAPPIEST situations I have ever been through just slapped me that night. I told her how these times in my life have passed, years of crap I can never take back and she said something that made so much sense to me… later- “now you know what you can’t settle for again”. Of course I laughed thinking bae is cray cray and replied “all this time learning what I don’t want? It would be nice to get what I DO want”. Truth is when I paused for a moment, I realized what my friend was telling me- you have been taught a lesson, and you would be a different kind of fool if you go back to what makes you unhappy and happiness WILL come… just be patient. Truth is Andy (Shawshank Redemption lead character) had a choice; he really could stay in jail, wallow in his misery and recall how the justice system had failed him OR find a route to happiness.
You NEED to find your route to happiness. Sadly society has painted happiness into- find man/woman, marry and procreate but no, happiness can be in the little things- the way you share funny pictures with your friends, that sister or brother or friend who reminds you that you matter, that mother/father who is FOREVER so supportive of you no matter how many times you fall, as a single parent- the smile from your daughter/son, giving to the needy, giving others hope, holding an orphaned child and showing him/her love, kicking ass at your job and the appreciation of your colleagues- find YOUR route to happiness. For me? It is For Every Stroke charity initiative... no not a cheap plugin but the truth.
Women- it’s true… you need to kiss frogs to find your prince. Men- it's true... you have to find whose feet fits that slipper you never expected to find perfectly but not too perfect (we all have flaws... or corns).
Friends, loved ones can be the cause of this crawl through shit but for every person who hurts you? There’s that one who will ALWAYS ride for you but SOMEHOW because THAT relationship is “easy”, it’s “simple”, it’s not “dramatic”, and it’s not “adventurous” we don’t think its love/passion. Sometimes the love you TRULY need is RIGHT in front of you.
I remember when once I felt love was all about sparks, magic, cute awesome stories that led to this EVERLASTING love haha was I VERY much shown different. I loved a man once, him loving back- I can’t categorically say BUT I loved him. I remember the first time I met him, I thought it was love at first sight, I got all the butterflies, when he spoke it seemed like the only voice I wanted to hear in the world and it was BUT after reality slapped me in the face- that “spark” etc. was ALL just a mirage; it all eventually faded and it was more of a continuous thorn in my side. Now I understand MORE than ever that REAL love is about FRIENDSHIP… you need your partner in this life to be your FRIEND first then lover second- FRIENDSHIP is with you when you are old and gray together. My point is I had to go through THAT shit to come out with lessons that help me smile today, help advise my friends and help THEM find happiness. I may still be crawling through my shit but as I go through this long crawl… I will help whomever I can along the way find their peace as Andy did with his fellow inmates. He brought them joy, confidence, peace, made them believe they could be more than what they imagine... you can too.
Help someone today go through his or her own shit and it will ultimately help you find your route to happiness.
I pray your Shawshank crawl ends soon, I pray you find those shiny shoes, clean clothes and amazingly funded bank account at the end.
THE SHAWSHANK CRAWL- YOUR ROUTE TO HAPPINESSThis is for everyone going through his or her shit… remember there’s always soap and air freshener to clean it off and kill that terrible odour… this too shall pass. May you find happiness... always.
From me to you. Mimi a.k.a Truth.

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