For September……….

Following my last post [My relationship with pain], a dear friend noticing my ‘crappy’ mood of late wrote this……

Pile on the love, pile on the awkwardness,
I’ll see what I want, feel what I choose.
Be human, be your freaking self,
Be beautiful, be limber, get loose.

Breathe, there’s enough air to go round,
Fly, let those inhibitions go (far away),
Plummet, it’s okay to be earthbound,
Look crashing in the face and scream, “Not today!”

Believe the hype, yes, you rock,
The ones telling you differently are blind.
Quote me (in your own defence), I know you well,
Your lovely eyes, your soft hands and your beautiful mind.

It’s hard right now, but it gets better,
I swear it gets better, the sun’s just hiding.
So those damned clouds? Pay them no attention,
To hell with the shadows, your glory will be blinding.

To Ore Fakorede thank you for your words…… they put a humongous smile on my face this morning.  Hope you don’t mind but I thought your words were so beautiful I needed to share for those that need that much needed pick-me-up.

This September is Sickle Cell Awareness month so I’m opening up my blog for anyone who has been affected by this disease to put their thoughts to paper and I will showcase your content.  Please send your entries to   For those on Instagram join in the #boldlipsforsicklecell campaign (yes men and women) on Instagram and let’s get people talking!!
Feeling the love,