[Guest Post] I Can Be Anything

Hello all!!  Over the last couple of weeks I have asked Sicklers and Non-sicklers to contribute their thoughts, experiences and opinions.  This entry is from Aramide Abe, a fellow Queen’s College Old Girl  (QCOG). Enjoy!!!
Right from when we were younger, I have always had a perception of people with sickle cell as ones who were limited when it came to physical activity, career, family life and even choices of partners in marriage.
This changed when I heard the most amazing story of a lady I know with sickle cell, who bore healthy twins.
Typically, pregnancy is known to be challenging for sicklers, however the lady willed to give birth to children naturally given all the risks and odds. She had a conviction and believed that she would bear healthy children, opposing any ‘projected’ medical diagnoses that would discredit this belief.
She gave birth to these twins (hale and hearty) in the states and I remember the whole of Lagos rejoicing over this news. Not only from the joy of two new additions to the family but also from zero indebtedness. Due to the circumstances, this delivery had racked up a $400,000 medical bill but by some miracle, the family only needed to pay a tiny percentage of it and the rest was taken care of.
This lady came out of the whole experience, healthy, whole and as a mother of twins – the person she wanted to be.
I look at people around me and marvel at their accomplishments – some of whom include Sicklers – with kids, phds, good careers, healthy families, happy lives and this just tells me that you can be whatever and whoever you want to be – sickle cell or not – you just need to have the will and the faith.
I do not deny the fact that having sickle cell entails care and certain crisis preventive measures and I am thankful for medical science and continuous research that allows for us to better understand sickle cell and the care needed.
I do hope this blesses someone and firmly believe that if you have a conviction and will, then the world is your oyster and beyond the skies are your limit.
Thanks Toyin for creating such a platform to encourage others.
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