Sickle Cell getting some much needed PR

Happy Monday!! (I absolutely hate it when people say that to me, but it got your attention right?)

Was doing a brief scan on the internet and noticed that in the last couple of months in America there seems to be a PR drive for Sickle.  In the Doctors video, T-Boz highlights the ‘druggie’ stigma.  Oh my!!  I just realised that that T-Boz has SBThal!! Groupee moment!!! *Dancing Baby Dance*

Dr Phil also had a Sickle Cell segment, where Heather explains her experiences with Sickle and the social repercussions.

I have noticed that these YouTube videos are being pushed by Pfizer…….. humm now I’m wondering if there is a drug coming to the market soon??  We shall wait and see.

Have a fabulous day!!