You are not alone

About a week ago I went on a short trip (Thank God) to IceBox country – my description of Winter, doesn’t matter where it is but if the temperature is lower than my age in oF we will have problems.  Couldn’t get out of the trip, believe me I tried but it had to be done.  Even though I lived in IceBox country for over 20 years, since moving to Warm Country – hee hee see what I did there – there are somethings I don’t miss.  Case in point, the constant pain – for those that read my blog – the Creeper kind.  So I was in a funk – frustrated, annoyed at my body and a little depressed.  So I posted this on Instagram as a pick-me-up.


To my surprise (sometimes you do forget that people do see what you put up on social media) I received this email.
..salutations Toyin (yes that is my Christian name),
I write from those terribly weird backstreets of the web where kinship is feigned behind anonymous computer screens via silly pseudonyms…<~ swear down I do not know what TF I just blabbered. Trying to sound smart when corresponding with smart types always gets me in a serious twist…sow
‘erm I’ll try again.. Hello Toyin, my name’s MrAnonymous (not terribly important) but I am a closet sufferer who gets amazing support from the musings on your blogs, insta <~ this is even sounding worse…mans coming off like a stalker n’dat. 
….<deep breath> Greetings Toyin, my name’s MrAnonymous and I am big fan of your blog and hate to hear you are poorly. I have read your blog through really shitty times and it has always been really helpful. Sadly, my poor level of articulation and the void where grown-up vocabulary should reside in my brain have formed such a bond…nought but crap spews out of my mind’s gob when I try to write. Thusly (not a word), I can not offer you a smart blog post as a trade for all the times you have unwittingly seen me through my dark moments….. <~ barf, I wear my trousers too low to come across so bladdy sof’
Arrrrrrrgh!…(last go)…Hello Toyin, I also tread these zany streets with a proper shite circulatory system. You have been pivotal in helping me come to terms with a lot..and truss mi, I am a grown 34 year old man. Sometimes read when you are poorly and just say a little prayer in me head…deciding to brave it today to actually let you know you’ve got a few knuckle-heads like us outchea actually wishing you better. <~sob stories irk me and I doubt you aren’t fanatical of them either

(I give up) Toyin, desperately hope you do get better soon 🙂

This was a sharp reminder that other people do care.  Its easy to go to those dark places where you feel that no one else understands and that you are the only one in the universe who understands you.  Now in no means am I taking for granted friends and family that are there to see you through the dark times, but sometimes it takes someone you don’t know to make you realise that you aren’t the only one.  The world is not that cruel.

There are times when one can feel that God has a funky sense of humor and he that doesn’t care, but its simply not the truth.  He NEVER gives you anything you can’t handle, if he did then you would be dead.  So even when times are tough there is always someone who will be there to help you carry that load.  From a personal viewpoint I’ve found that no matter how much you push people away – and I won’t lie I have been know to do that – much to the irritation of certain loved ones, yes you know I’m talking to you – someone will always be there to lift you out of that funk………. if you let them.

So Thank You MrAnonymous for your email and giving me permission to post your email – obviously I have hidden his identity.

P.S. if you have been inspired to contribute to this blog regarding Sickle Cell – its effect on you, or your friends and family.  Please send your entries to  You never know who your words could inspire or help.

And on that note…… Toodles!!