Life’s a Biatch……… and then you die

Today has been a shit-mister of a day.  This year has been interesting – I’ve made some important life decisions (blog post on that coming up) and I’ve been working two jobs in a bid to improve my finances.  Today has been a bit of a stinker for two reasons;

  1. I found out that ruthless clients will LIE…….. Through their F*cking teeth!!!  Unfortunately you forgot that when you chat on Slack – you leave a freaking papertrail *eat that, son*
  2. I was told a classmate passed away yesterday

Sometimes I worry because most times I’m at a disconnect with my feelings.  A friend sent me an IM asking me if I had heard of my classmate passing and I said “No – what happened?” “She died from a Crisis”

I shit you not – my initial reaction was “Bummer, that sucks” and then turned my focus on the clusterfuck of a client who then proceeded to lie through his pants to get me to do his bidding.

About 8 hours later – halfway through my tub of Coldstone ice cream it hit me…………….. Dang!!!

There are three things we know will definitely happen in this life – Change, Taxes and Death.  We are free to moan about the first two but many of us are too scared to talk about Death.  Over the years you do hear of SickleCell Warriors who have lost that great fight, but this one is different because this was someone who was in my class in Secondary School – my age, and close to home.  We weren’t particularly close in school – there were over 300 of us in my year but it still feels close to home, like it could have easily been me.

The Grinch can be a bit of a mind fuck and here is the reason why – the Grinch can and usually makes life hella difficult, and for good measure it will kill you.

*Stop being morbid* *Don’t say that* *We don’t pray for that* *Stop thinking like that*

So what’s the point? Life’s a biatch and then you die.  So why not just throw in the towel?  Seriously the what is the freaking point???!!  Why even bother achieving life’s milestones?  Why fall in love? Get married?  Have children? Why chase that ever-elusive promotion? Why bother doing all of these things while walking that fine line with the Grinch when the Grinch can and will take it all away from you?  WHAT is the freaking point!!!!!!!!!


It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  Carpe freaking Diem!!! (dang, this post is full of cheesy cliches, I swear).  Cheesy I know, but I’m holding onto the cheese because the alternative sucks ballz.  There is a weird kind of freedom when you know what will probably kill you.  The difference is……… I haven’t got a clue when.  So the only option is to smash through the life milestones.  Make yourself un-frigging forgettable.  Laugh.  Fall in Love.  Go through Heartbreak.  Raise a 5 a side foot team if you can.

To those that love SickleCell Warriors, don’t dwell on the grinch.  And don’t for fuck sake use the Grinch as a excuse not to pursue a friendship/relationship, unless you are truly weak – in that case bail because frankly you don’t deserve that Warrior.  Enjoy and appreciate your time with them.  While you probably focused on them, you could be run over by a bus.  There is no point dwelling on the negatives…….. remember Life’s a biatch and then you die.