On my way to Icebox Country – additions

My last post had some rave reviews and I’m always a fan of getting feedback on my posts.  So last night I was giddy when I received the email below from my ‘friendly neighbourhood stalker’ 😋.  Enjoy!!  He’s got some really good pointers 😀.


Hello Dr. Toyin,

…bumped into your post on travel tips (I promise I am not stalking you)…excuse my liberties as I add my unsolicited opinion(s):
  • I am bearded 30 (and some) year old man will not travel without his hot water bottle…even if I was popping to a tropical spot for a weekend.
  • I do not drink alcohol on flights…never have. Alcohol at high altitudes has a different effect on the bod (I hear)
  • I go walkies every hour so the blad-clart blood clots do not get a chance to settle
  • I drink about half an Olympic swimming pool before the flight and top up every chance I get
  • I wear long johns (this bullet point will self destruct after 2 minutes and I will never admit to it in public…my street cred does not allow for man tights)
  • My ultimate secret is one Aspirin whilst on the flight, keeps my mind thinking that my blood is thinning
Journey mercies on your travels and do keep well!