On my way to Icebox Country

As I write to you now I’m on my way to the UK – what I like to call the Icebox Country in the Winter months.  There are three reasons why I particularly do not want to be in the UK at this time:

  1. I’m cash strapped (a symptom of working in a start-up)
  2. Due to the clusterfuckery of mismanagement from the last Administration the exchange rate is now £1 to ₦510 – this time last year it was £1 to ₦270 😭😭😭
  3. It’s FREAKING cold!!!

For the purposes of this post I’m just going to focus on point 3.  The cold and Sickle Cell do not mix!!  Sicklers tend to have more incidents of crisis.  For me when it’s cold I’m in a constant state of pain ranging from aches to full blown crisis.


People are under the misconception that the cold starts when you step outside the plane. erh-erh.  Nope that shit starts while you are in about 3 hrs into your flight.  Due to *vast* experience with flying, I have invested in two things I can not live without; my Ugg Boots (Knee-high) and – wait for it – *drumroll* my hot water bottle.  Why am I in love with my investments?  Let me explain.

My Ugg boots are like my extreme version of in-flight socks, they keep my feet nice and toasty.  I’m not sure whether it’s because I have poor circulation but my hands and feet get cold really quickly and they are usually the first parts of my body that goes numb.

My hot water bottle, yes my lovely hot water bottle…… Now before you start calling me an old totally uncool woman, let me first of all counter that I don’t give two hoots as to how I look/seem.  If during the flight you feel cold, you can whip it out of your carry on luggage and ask a nice air hostess to fill it hotwater…… I’m telling you it’s like a nice warm hug in a bottle…… totally AWESOME!!!

Should you have the misfortune of having a full blown crisis on the plane, you can request for oxygen.  Ideally whenever you travel you should have a letter from your GP stating your medication and your need for oxygen on the plane incase you have a crisis.  I personally try to avoid taking pain meds that under normal circumstances make me nauseous i.e. Tramadol.  Why? In my limited experience, Tramadol + air turbulence = the verb ‘to chunder‘.  This issue is never really ‘if’……. it’s more about ‘when’, trust me the worst thing you can do is throw up in a taxi on your way home from the airport……. not cool!

Right I have to board the plane now but I have time for one last pointer – if you are not feeling well on the day of your flight DO NOT hesitate to request airport assistance if you feel you need it.  You will have people stare at you trying to figure out what’s wrong with you.  I mean, you look healthy so why can’t you walk to your gate, but its better you are pushed around than for you to push yourself and have a crisis on the plane just for the sake of keeping up appearances…… it’s so not worth it.